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The INS, Role, and Tasks

In the days following the Sep 11 attacks there have been many adjustments within the group and how the government handles the stream of people coming into the country. The INS was first began as the group that was answerable for handing the people who were applying for citizenship and residency. INS stands for Immigration and Naturalization Service, the group charged with respecting the security of the USA.

The INS is now responsible for many duties that it by no means had earlier than, together with inspecting travelers who are entering and exiting the United States gates by way of more than 300 points of entry nationwide. Whether or not you?re coming or going from the United States, you?re likely to be passing by an INS employee who is chargeable for serving to ensure anyone who is wanted by the legislation is not capable of gain entry to the country. Although largely a precaution, it is thought that this will be most helpful in stopping possible threats to nationwide security.

Other tasks of the INS embody handling the residence standing of all who apply for residence and citizenship. Additionally they deal with and seek to manage the standing of all everlasting and non permanent immigration requests. The INS. also handles tourists, and college students, as well as these coming for conventions, special lessons, visiting family and all other business.

The INS has also been given the duties of controlling all of the borders into the United States, especially the borders between Mexico and the United States and Canada and the United States. That is an especially large process because the United States shares such large land borders with two other countries. This enables for an virtually each day movement of people making an attempt to enter the nation illegally.


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