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We can help you make your home in the United States. A green card enables you to live and work in the United States as long as you does not abandon your residence.We assist U.S. citizens and permanent residents in bringing their loved ones to the United States to live or work.
Green Cards

H-1 Temporary Work Visas for Specialty Workers.There are several types of work visas available, all of which differ depending on the length of stay and the terms of the worker.Knowing the appropriate work visa to obtain is often a difficult determination.
Working Visas

You may qualify for asylum if you are a refugee. How you apply for asylum depends on your circumstances.To win a claim for withholding of removal, you must show that there is a “clear probability” that you will be subject to persecution if forced to return.

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Lubbock Immigration Attorney Questions

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Is 15 years too long to wait for a Green Card ?

The answer to that question is relative. How long is too long when it comes to gaining citizenship? The process can be an arduous one and easily discourage some for carrying through. when measure time you should weigh the freedoms that will be gained along with the peace of mind knowing you cant be randomly thrown out of the U.S.

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Can You Give Some Tips For New Green Card Holders?

Sure 1) Dont Stay out of the U.S. more than 180 days 2) Dont Commit any Crimes 3) Dont Represent Yourself as a U.S. Citizen 4) Continue to be a good, law abiding person, maintain your reputation and have a legitimate, on the books, job to support yourself.

Can A Foreigner Join The Military ?

In Today’s climate its a tough road. There are programs to help you along. For starters you have to be a legal resident to apply for the armed forces. I heard one exception is for medical personnel because they are so short handed in that field. Right now on a slow economy coupled with downsizing of the military I dont think the need is there to make the exception.

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Our Firm is here to help You. We are the #1 Immigration authority in Lubbock Tx.



The INS, Position, and Obligations



Lubbock Immigration Attorney Questions


In the days following the Sept. 11 assaults there have been many changes in the organization and the way the government handles the circulate of people coming into the country. The INS was first started because the group that was answerable for handing the individuals who were applying for citizenship and residency. INS stands for Immigration and Naturalization Service, the group charged with respecting the safety of the USA.

The INS is now accountable for many duties that it by no means had before, together with inspecting vacationers who are entering and exiting the United States gates by means of greater than 300 factors of entry nationwide. Whether you are coming or going from the United States, you’re likely to be passing by an INS employee who is accountable for helping be certain that anyone who is wanted by the law isn’t in a position to acquire entry to the country. Though largely a precaution, it’s thought that this shall be most useful in stopping attainable threats to national security.

Other duties of the INS embody handling the residence standing of all who apply for residence and citizenship. Additionally they handle and seek to manage the status of all everlasting and temporary immigration requests. The INS. additionally handles vacationers, and college students, as well as those coming for conventions, particular classes, visiting family and all other business.

The INS has additionally been given the duties of controlling the entire borders into the United States, especially the borders between Mexico and the United States and Canada and the United States. That is an especially massive job since the United States shares such massive land borders with two different countries. This allows for an virtually each day circulation of individuals trying to enter the nation illegally.

INS staff are additionally chargeable for handling and removing all individuals who haven’t any legal rights to be on this country. They are answerable for removing the events in accordance with the legal guidelines, and by following all the requirements that are set in place for obtaining momentary status, or returning the particular person to the nation where they came from.

Lubbock Immigration Attorney Questions

In a report the INS launched in 2001, there was 31,971 staff on staff. This resulted in a price of 24,233 of those staff being labeled as enforcement personal have been used to implement the legal guidelines, rulings and policies of this country. The INS at present is a operate of the Justice Department and serves largely as an investigative unit, in contrast to many different departments, which serve as law enforcement units instead.

Lately, the borders have had extra illegal entry than beforehand, which has resulted in bigger amounts of workers being added to assist secure the borders and protect our country. Without being able to know who is coming into our nation, we’re unable to actually shield our residents and other people. Border patrol agents is the one largest area the place the INS has seen growth in jobs available. Due to the enhance of jobs within the border patrol, we’re capable of see much fewer unlawful entries into the country.

As we progress into a country that is, more accommodating of individuals from various cultures it will be fairly fascinating to see how the INS is modified to adapt and turn into more pleasant to the needs of all people, even those getting into the country.

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Lubbock Immigration Attorney Questions

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